AMSV5.0 squeeze bugs

Twice today (first day of AMSV5 and new squeeze interface)I have had a song skip mid-track to the next song in the queue- is there a better place to report these squeeze related bugs? Any file-path data I should be collecting?

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Same here. I just installed new AMS V5 and at least 3 times while listening to an album Squeeze suddenly stopped playing track and skipped to next track?

Also, I do not see any “Settings” field in the LMS server page such as Libray so I can re-scan library. Some meta data is off. Not a lot I’ve seen so far but some for sure.

You should see three dots at the top right. Click on this and select server settings. That will take you the Library settings.

I wonder if a clean and rescan will sort out that issue.

TY @kennyb123 I appreciate the insight. I suspect there are several new “tips” awaiting us as the interface is definitely different, though not exactly radical in scope. I did find the Server Settings so thanks again.

Off topic a bit but if you or anyone else reading this post uses Squeeze, do you believe it sounds any better? To my ears it sounds alike a minimal improvement in SQ but could be imagining it……

I listened to Cafe Blue in its entirety 2 nights ago using squeeze, sounded effin glorious. I listened to it again last night after the upgrade with squeeze- sounded effin glorious. Definitively I can conclude, I have no idea if it’s any better :slight_smile: 24 hours between listenings so no short term memory, and I haven’t had this K50 long enough to have developed any long term memory.

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Better to my ears a well, but I’m certain that I’m not imagining it.


Those who encountered Squeeze skipping should consider doing this scan, found under Server settings.

Also have a look at plugins and disable C-3PO.

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Okay thanks, will do. No idea what C3PO is so I guess I don’t have it :slight_smile: I will say I haven’t noticed any skips today. Any idea how to activate the volume control? It won’t budge, I’ve looked everywhere in settings and player dashboard for a “volume off/on” button

I wouldn’t recommend that as sound quality will suffer.

It’s under Player settings…extra settings (button at the bottom), then the Audio page.

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Funny how our ears and memory can play tricks on us. Squeeze always sounded great to me. It certainly sounds as good as before and “maybe” a wee bit better, but unless one can do a quick A/B comparison (which with one device is impossible) it’s very hard to “measure.” :wink:

I performed a rescan @kennyb123. Was the first bit of maintenance I undertook and haven’t had the issue since. The ONLY problem I have with some (not all) albums is that when I select the album it doesn’t play. The “fix” for that is to hit the 3 dots to the right and play the album that way. It seems once “opened” it can behave normally. I had that issue once before and Mark Cole was a ,e to help resolve the issue in a remote session.

I didn’t know that one. Thanks for sharing.

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Another possible culprit: Roon. The upgrade could potentially cause it to want to analyze music again. If this isn’t throttled, it might impact other apps.

@kennyb123 Ken, do you know if there is a way to retrieve album art in squeeze? Or would I have to go back to DBpoweramp and redo it.
the correct album art is right next to the one that is missing- this album had 3 cd’s in it.

Unfortunately Squeeze doesn’t make that easy. You have to go back to the files and either embed artwork or leave it off the files and drop the art in the same folder with the name folder.jpg

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Good to know I’m not alone in experiencing this glitch. :wink: Hopefully the team will address the issue in the near term. The other glitch that is fairly widespread is the mis-match in meta data. The artist image is often times not associated properly. Perhaps it may take multiple re-scans but not sure.

I occasionally find that Squeeze can ignore taps. It’s gonna be a tough one to fix because it’s not easily reproducible. Sometimes closing the browser tab solves it so it may be more about the browser losing track of things.

This track is actually 4:14 in length- when it got to 1:12 the elapsed time just stayed at 1:12, the yellow progress line flashed continually until the track played to the end

Has Qobuz been the source each time you encountered playback issues?

I’m trying to remember if the skips were on Qobuz or library file…

Not sure- probably?