AMSV5.0 squeeze bugs

Last night were listening to Radio Paradise using Squeeze + Squeeze on AMS 5.0 (digital outputs) and the Oladra kept losing the Player and reporting ‘No Player’. A restart of the player seemed to solve it and music resumed but then it became too frequent so we just changed to listening to locally stored files and that solved it.

I’ve upgraded my K50 to v5, always been a Roon user, but I thought I’d try Squeeze, but I get No Player when I go into LMS. I connect to my PS Audio mk2 dac via usb, and when I switch back to Roon it plays without issue. I’ve tried restarting Squeeze but no luck, any tips to get Squeeze working?

With the previous AMS, I had to reboot network devices if changing from Roon to Squeeze. Maybe it is an issue with my Telstra gateway modem/router? You may have already done this, but a network reboot is where I would start. Not that one should have/need to, so it could be an issue for support to sort. Good luck, I hope it works for you.

Thanks for the suggestion Godot, just restarted everything but still no player.

I think it sounds nominally better, yes. In fact, the company forecasted later in the year they will have another significant update coming that will for sure improve SQ.

Has anyone experienced faulty meta data in Squeeze since update? 20% of my library has cover art that doesn’t at all align with the artist! I have scanned, and re-scanned the library multiple times, but without impact.

Chose this option:

If that doesn’t work, clear your browser cache.

Right; entertained that option though fairly extreme. I use iPeng also so the server must scan for both applications. Takes a long time but can do for sure. Thx

I upgraded last night my S30. The first screen “update in progress” never stopped. After 3 hours I shut it down and switched off the S30. And the S30 is no longer recognized. When I connect it to the DAC, the connection light goes on and off regularly.

Eventually by K50 has finished updating. Longer story…

I did notice that quite a few of my albums had ‘disappeared’. They were there on the disk ok though
I did a rescan (took a long time) but ok now.

The update was a very unpleasant process!
Maybe in future we can upgrade via an image on a usb memory stick?

@kennyb123 I tried your suggestion and now the cover art is even MORE screwed up,

exhibiting even more aberrant behavior. Please see attached screenshots. It’s crazy!

Clear your browser cache.

When you do a clear a rescan, it’s best to wait for it to finish before poking around in the UI.

I cannot get sound playing DSF files via AES on Squeeze Server and Player, with settings Digital Audio and DOP with 2822.4kHz DSF. I tried different artist and same response. I disabled 3-CPO in Plugins with no change; DSDPlayer is enabled. I tried disabling DSF and DFF in File Types from Native with no change and enabled those again.

I can play DSD files with USB and set to Native for Squeeze Player there.

I shut down and restarted the K50 with no change. I am not sure if I am experiencing a bug or simply missing something that I should set differently on my part. Suggestions welcome.

Were you able to receive DSD via AES before the update?
My DAC does not permit any DSD via AES.

@watts, I believe I could, but was using USB primarily due to silence on higher than DSD64 and for DXD files. I am going though the various playing options since the software updates. I had made a preset for Squeeze with Digital and DOP. Now, I use the preset for the Player and make adjustments to the default when playing AES.

I did all of that but confess I likely did not wait long enough @kennyb123 :sunglasses: As I was leaving the house I noticed that both the Mac and iPad reflected a more “normal” representation of cover art. Still a few miss-matches but nothing at all like before. And I DO believe there is a nominal bump in SQ, whether or not this was the intent by the engineers at Antipodes.

So the takeaway from this experience for anyone following is “patience.” :pray:


You may have identified the cause for me. My DAC is the Tambaqui type installed in the Makua. I just looked up on Mola Mola site and it says:

PCM up to 384kHz/32 bits (>192kHz and >24 bits via USB and Roon only)
DoP and Native DSD up to quad speed (USB and Roon only)

I thought I recalled I was able to do DSD64 with DOP with Squeeze, but memory can be a treacherous thing. Thanks again for your input. I am not going to get overly excited about this. Some others here have much more significant issues to resolve. I do enjoy my USB, but was cycling through various options after the update.

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I believe I hear this too. The K30 has never sounded this good.


Only @MarkCole would know for sure if this were part of the grand master plan. :wink:

I have also seen a nice SQ update… I haven’t got beyond Roon and Squeeze yet because it is sounding sublime… if Squeeze/squeeze also has an uplift I’m in for a treat… I’ll post some more detailed thoughts in a few days.


You are in for a treat. It’s not a subtle uptick, IMHO.

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