AMSV5.0 squeeze bugs

I’ve been up and running v5 all week using Roon/Squeeze and decided to try full Squeeze, hoping that it wouldn’t be much or noticeably better. Well, it is for me.

Others have mentioned occasional skipping at random times but what I have is consistent skipping of the last few seconds of EVERY song - about 10 seconds. I’ve done the Clear library and rescan everything.

Ideas? Thanks

I should note that this is only local files; Qobuz streams are fine.

Local files have been playing flawlessly for me, so I believe this can be rectified.

Just curious - what happens to CPU utilization when this skipping occurs? I believe Squeeze will start working on retrieving the next song in the queue at the end of the currently playing track, so that’s why I’m wondering about this.

No observable change in CPU usage - stays at or near zero.

Observations this morning are a little different.

1st track - skipped with a few seconds left like yesterday
2nd track - song ends normally but the next song starts before counter gets to end of current song
3rd / 4th - all normal
5th - same as 2nd


Maybe I should just sit back and enjoy the music.

Thanks for observing that. I’ll be interested to hear if a reinstall resolves this.

My local files are all oversized WAV files as they have all been upscaled. These should be more apt to have hiccups and yet, as I mentioned, they play flawlessly.

Not sure what version others are on- Do I want to update this?

I don’t believe that we can apply that.

Did you try? Or do you see the same thing as this? - server settings>software updates> check for updates button
I just don’t want to try if it bricks it :slight_smile: But I have had a couple of skips also…

Of course i did. Haha. It takes you to a download page. Nothing we can do with those downloads.

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I have to admit that I sometimes get a nice laugh out of the artist image bug. Almost like it used Google’s AI.


Yes, the situation isn’t quite “dire”, but hopefully the “aime” of the company is to "strait"n things out, “oue” all get fed up and “krall” our way back to Roon.

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You might experiment with this setting (Advanced/Network):

You can always change back if it does not make things better … or makes the skipping worse!

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve looked but don’t think that setting is available when using Material Skin. Did I miss it? I looked under “Player-Extra settings-Audio”.

But since my issue is only with local files - streaming from Qobuz is fine - I’m not optimistic

Server settings> hit that drop down arrow>network
I’ll try the “cache streams on disk” and see if that helps it stop jumping to the next track with several seconds left in the song

Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 6.45.35 AM

Screen Shot 2024-02-25 at 6.44.20 AM

I was busy enjoying a music fest when V5.0 came about, so that upgrade is on hold for now, but posting here on the off-chance this is related to any background attempted fixes relating to V5 … Album art seems to have disappeared for Material Squeeze playing AMS V4.4 for me (using Qobuz). This is not even a first world problem, as the music still flows nicely, but curious if this could be connected? Any thoughts?

Just for clarity, on my PC, the bottom left ‘Menu’ shows the art, just not the ‘Playing’, ‘Queue’ or ‘Info’ tabs.

Any news here? I still have the problem on my Oladra AMS V5.0 under Squeeze/Squeeze that individual tracks stop about 10 seconds before the end and skip to the next track. 4 months (!!!) have passed and I am enjoying the fancy isolation feet of my 30,000 Euro Oladra, but I cannot hear a song to the end. :sleepy:

Book a support session, why wait 3 months when we can fix it immediately

For months, some people here have had the problem that the last 8 seconds of some tracks are skipped. Now I’m being advised to simply book a remote session. Last night I had a remote session: “… We’ve never seen or heard of this problem before. We need to look for a fix.” Should I laugh or cry, I don’t know? :rofl: :sob:

Currently there is only one person, and that’s one person too many.