Antipodes Audio AMSv5 Release Information

In preparation for the release of AMSv5.

Release Highlights:

  • Updated Fedora OS
  • Updated Third Party Software
  • Updated security features
  • New Antipodes Dashboard Interface
  • New Locking Feature
  • New Server App Management
  • Improved AMS Updates


  • New and extensive changes to backend software logic
  • New PHP Dashboard Interface that combines: Solution, Server & Player Dashboards
  • New PHP for Update Dashboard
  • Updated Fedora OS version 37
  • Updated Squeezelite 1.9.9
  • Updated Logitech Media Server version 8.3.1
  • Updated Skin for Logitech Media Server (Material Skin)
  • Updated HQ Player version 5.4.0
  • Updated Minim Server version 2.2
  • Updated mini DLNA version 1.3.3
  • Updated Music Player Daemon (MPD) version 0.23.14
  • Updated Plex Media Server version 1.32.5
  • Updated Antipodes File Manager 1.2
  • Antipodes AMS Onboarding within Dashboard

Bug Fixes:

  • Squeezebox server fixes
  • Improved PGGB support
  • Server and Player settings issues removed
  • Improved stable connection with Squeezelite client
  • Improved music format support
  • DSD Method Switching Improvements
  • Better backend management of DSD over PCM, Native DSD, and None


  • HQ Player App is no longer available on non-AVX machines
  • These machines can still run HQ Player as Player machines connected to Server machines with AVX support
  • Refer to Guides on how to set this up
  • Old Solution, Player, and Server PHP Dashboards Removed
  • LibreSpot (Spotify) Removed from dashboard
  • For access to Spotify services use Squeeze and log in using the Spotty Plugin

Go to Antipodes Audio Website click Setup.
Or follow this link to myantipodes
AMSv5 is a large update, it will be available to install via the AMS Dashboard, for two computer devices, please update the Player First.

There is a new update screen, which should remove confusion when upgrading, as mentioned the update is large it will take 30 minutes plus per computer depending on connection speed.
The below video is of the whole update process, no need to watch 30 minutes of the upgrade, but you get the idea.

Once the update has been completed your Antipodes Music Server will automatically reboot, please be patient after the reboot as it takes a few minutes for all the services to complete running in the background, take a breath here.

The first thing of note is the new GUI for the AMS Dashboard, combing all operations to one page, including the new On-Boarding Screen…



All Apps except for Roon (Roon updates Roon) are receiving major version updates, the biggest changes will come in Squeeze and HQPlayer.

Squeeze gets a new Skin which greatly enhances the user experience, we have enabled UPnP on Squeeze Server to enable the use of MPD as a player app combined with Squeeze Server, added as a pre-set.

HQPlayer moves to version 5.4.0, and with this comes major changes in CPU support determined by Signalyst, HQPlayer Embedded is no longer supported on non-AVX machines, (eg. EX, K22). NAA still works on non AVX.
With the update to v5.4.0 all v4 HQPlayer Licence holders will need to upgrade to HQPlayer 5 Licence see the following link… Signalyst - HQPlayer Desktop upgrade

Introduction Video

We have developed apps for Apple iOS devices and Android devices that replace the My Antipodes functionality. In future developments these apps will integrate the AMS functionality, and eventually playback options, for a totally seamless user experience, all within the app.



We have released a new website version, you may wish to clear your browser cache for it to display correctly.


Tremendous upgrade! I’m pleasantly surprised to see that HQPlayer 5 made it in as well.


Very excited for the update, congrats! I have a CX & EX which I use solely with HQ Player with Roon server (Auto)… with HQPlayer Embedded.

I’m unclear what this means for me: HQPlayer Embedded is no longer supported on non-AVX machines, (eg. EX). NAA still works on non AVX.

Is anyone able to comment what NAA is? Sounds like it may be my only option now… :slightly_frowning_face:

In a two-computer set-up, CX+EX, S40+S30, K50 or OLADRA the Server runs HQPlayer Embedded, this can only be run on AVX machines, CX, S40, K41, K50, OLADRA.
The Player runs HQPlayer NAA (Network Audio Adapter) this can be run on EX, S30, DX, and the player boards of K50 and OLADRA as a lightweight network audio adapter interfacing with the DAC.

Long story short, you are good to go.

A point to remember is that we do not set the minimum operating specs for HQPlayer, these are set and developed by Signalyst.

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Whew! Thanks @MarkCole!! Wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep on enjoying HQPlayer Embedded as I have with my CX > EX > Ayre QB9 USB Dac. Very happy that all will continue working for me!!

Kindest thanks, looking forward to the update!!

With the update to v5.4.0 all v4 HQPlayer Licence holders will need to upgrade to HQPlayer 5 Licence see the following link… Signalyst - HQPlayer Desktop upgrade

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I purchased a licence for HQplayer v4 16 months ago to use with my CX+EX for $375AUD. I now have the Oladra. If I upgrade to AMS 5, I can only use HQplayer v5 if I want to use HQplayer (which is my preference). The cost to purchase HQPlayer v5 with the discount applied is $420 AUD.

I have emailed Signalyst about this, but I must say, despite being excellent software, it seems like I have been short-changed on the face of it. Is there no option to revert to HQplayer v4 for those of us who only recently invested in a v4 HQplayer licence?

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As mentioned above, we do not dictate the terms of Signalyst and their software.
From my understanding you aren’t being short-changed as you are buying an upgrade rather than the full version.
There is no way of running any other versions of HQPlayer on AMSv5

Short changed in so far as I purchased a software licence for $375 AUD 16 months ago, that I anticipated indefinite use of. I am no longer able to use that licence if I upgrade to AMS v5. I know this is not Antipodes fault or responsibility. I am disappointed that I have to pay an additional $420 AUD to continue to enjoy HQplayer fully licensed, having only recently purchased a licence for HQplayer 4. It is also the reason I have not upgraded toAMS v5 yet.


Mark, I did not see this instruction until after I had done the update to 5.0 and so I updated the Server first. Is the sequence of updating Player / Server important?

Squeeze with MPD

Looks like on some installations the UPnP plugin has not been enabled.

To enable Squeeze UPnP server go to 3 Dot Menu top right of Squeeze web player, select Server, click the Basic Settings to enable the Drop down menu, scroll to and select Plugins, locate UPnP/DLNA Media Interface (v1.0) tick to include, SAVE Settings

For those Squeeze users who really need Tidal, you can enable Squeeze with MPD and use the mconnectLite App as a solution.


How you doing @NickBacon

Upgrade progressed on an Oladra without any problems.

My only suggestion is that there is some way of knowing when the automatic reboot has completed, or is that confirmed by the ‘Update Completed’?

So far, Squeeze Player with Roon Server sounds better, but this is just using internet radio…critical listening later, including a revisit to Squeeze Server.

Many thanks to everyone at Antipodes for such a smooth process and great update.


My upgrade to AMS v5 stalled at 67% after 1 hr for Oladra. Can I book in a remote session or any process to follow to try again?