Antipodes Audio - Updated Range and Upgrade Program - July 2023

Antipodes Audio Press Release 30 June 2023

Antipodes Audio is proud to announce its updated server/streamer line-up for 2023, with updates to the existing flagship OLADRA and the K Series range.

Coupled with the release of the updated range is the Antipodes Audio Upgrade Program for all existing OLADRA and K Series owners, which brings their units up to the corresponding new model specification. An upgraded unit will be identical in all respects to the new models and receive a fresh warranty. Antipodes Audio's Upgrades

The S Series has been discontinued due to Intel no longer making the CPUs required by these models, but we retain ample parts to support these models going forward.

Product Updates 2023

The Changes
Changes to the OLADRA and the K Series are due to four key developments that we have been working on over several months.

  1. Installing the OLADRA’s triple-cascade power supply technology in the K Series models.
  2. Installing our proprietary high-quality isolation footers on the K Series models.
  3. Upgrading K50 and K41 Server engines with innovations used in the OLADRA.
  4. Upgrading the Player engines for the OLADRA, K50, K22 & K21.
  5. Installing new USB outputs for the OLADRA, K50, K22 & K21.

The benefits are mainly in improved sound quality for all models, and the K Series makes a step up towards the sound quality of the OLADRA. For many audiophiles, the most significant change is that the new USB output lifts the USB sound quality on up to match the sound quality of the S/PDIF, AES3 and I2S outputs.
Other benefits include an increase of 200% to 400% in system resources to improve system responsiveness, and enterprise-level OS resilience against data loss in unusual AC power events.
The new models and the upgrade program will go live early in August 2023.

Prices do not include the impact of duties and taxes that might be levied in your country

    New Price: USD29,000
    Old Price: USD25,000
    Upgrade: USD4,000

  2. K50 Revised
    New Price: USD19,000
    Old Price: USD17,500
    Upgrade: USD4,000

  3. K50 Original
    New Price: USD19,000
    Old Price: USD15,000
    Upgrade: USD6,000

  4. K41
    New Price: USD10,000
    Old Price: USD10,000
    Upgrade: USD2,000

  5. K40
    New Price: USD10,000
    Old Price: USD9,000
    Upgrade: USD4,000

  6. K30
    Upgrade: USD3,000

  7. K22
    K22 New Price: USD9,000
    Old Price: USD9,000
    Upgrade: USD2,000

  8. K21
    New Price: USD7,000
    Old Price: USD6,500
    Upgrade: USD2,000

Isolation Footers on the K50 (G4)

K Stack


New USB is Isolated, Clocked, Re-generated, and has a very high-quality 5v output.


@ MarkCole :

How close would an upgraded K50 come to the previous Oladra?

It’s just that until today I’d actually been considering the purchase of an Oladra. However, whilst I wouldn’t want a superseded unit (that’s unless I could find one at a truly bargain price), I’m not really happy to meet the new price tag associated with the revised Oladra either.

@MarkCole Is this a ‘return to dealer’ or ‘return direct to Antipodes’ to upgrade my Oladra?

The thing is that nothing is superceded with this release, as upgrades are available for OLADRA and K Series and will be available moving forward.

The K50 gets a major performance boost with this upgrade, and comes close to OLADRA performance, honestly I don’t think that you would be disappointed with upgrading the K50.


We anticipate that only the OLADRA, will be able to be upgraded in the UK, however depending on workflow we may move some to New Zealand.
We have to send parts, so being prepared prior is a good idea, we won’t be undertaking any upgrades till August.

All K Series must come to New Zealand for upgrade.

Either way your dealer can look after you, up to you on how you would like to arrange it.


@MarkCole : I might just stump up for an updated K50 then. Apart from the upgraded sound quality, what particularly interests me is the increased resilience against data loss due to unusual AC power events…Except that living in a rural area AC power events aren’t as unusual as might be desired. :wink:

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Hi Mark
could you Rank the sound quality of the various models (with and without the update) . This would help ppl with questions like , would an updated K50 beat a non updated Oladra ?

Very much appreciated that the K series is benefiting from all the trickle down technology and continues to be very well supported. This is very reassuring. Thank you.


So the Oladra gets a better USB to match the BNC out, I always thought the BNC out was better. I have no use for the USB.
So for me all I get is a better player engine @MarkCole please could explain what exactly this is and any ideas how the SQ get better
Thank you

@clive101 You have just asked the very same question I was about to ask so I await hearing the answer.

Sound like an upgrade from the USA would have to go to New Zealand? Would I pay shipping both ways or is that included — Any import tax needed on the return to the USA? And what is the expected turnaround time to get the unit back? Thanks Eli

Hi there Eli, please see the link in the original post and below…

All K Series will come to New Zealand, all upgrades include freight to and from most countries sans any tax.

Generally it’s a week to get here a week to upgrade and a week to return, depending on work flow and courier may be quicker or slower.

I will be managing the flow into the tech team so as to not overload them.



If pursuing the upgrade, should owner include or remove the hard drive(s) for shipping to Antipodes?

That is one heck of an impressive series of upgrades. Very good of Antipodes to take such excellent are of existing customers.


@Kennyb123 : I thought that too & although it’s $6000 +taxes for the older K50 & $4000 for the later K50 models to be upgraded, they rather struck me as being the standout deals in terms of value for money, especially for those with an older K50.

Yes it’s $2000 extra +taxes to get those earliest models upgraded over the later revised version, but particularly with those units, there’s an awful lot being upgraded/altered in the process.

I’m not sure until we get more details that it’s quite as good a deal on offer for current Oladra owners , but that’s only a first impression & one which may turn out to be wildly off the mark.

Whilst I’ve recently been considering an Oladra & haven’t ruled it out entirely, it’s now far more likely that I’ll soon own a K50 that’s either been upgraded, or part exchanged for one of the latest specification.

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What struck me was that the upgrades would provide “triple-cascade switch-mode power supplies”. I believe that means that the power supply first introduced with the Oladra is now trickling down to the K series models. I figured that would happen one day, but didn’t expect it to happen so soon. If I’m correct, the upgraded K50 should come awfully close to the original Oladra.

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@Kennyb123 : Mark Cole actually stated that the upgraded K50 comes close to Oladra performance in his reply to me earlier today & as a result I’ve already started a discussion with the U.K dealer. They had an e-mail sitting in their inbox before they’d opened for business. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love this: “USB now matches the sound quality level from S/PDIF and AES3”. I’m really glad to see Antipodes give USB some love,


Whilst I don’t personally use USB, the upgrade is still more than welcome as that may not always be the case… I’m a very impatient old bugger though & rather than wait 3 weeks or so for an upgrade to be carried out on my K50 I’ll most likely just buy a new one. :grin:

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