Antipodes Server swap


I am going to change my Antipodes S40 to a K30 and wondered if I can simply connect the SSD I use in the S40 to the K30 and have it read all the data? Key reason for asking is that it has my Roon back up on and I want to be able to access it on the K30.

I know some of you are thinking, just make a new Roon backup to a USB, and that would make sense. But my other issue is on the S40 I can’t get it to read my USB stick so can’t do a copy. Any solution to this issue will negate the need to worry about the SSD.


This should work just fine.

I had same question:

This may help

Thanks both, would look like it’s should work, but…

Given Mark’s comments re backing up, any thoughts on why I can’t see a USB disk/stick. My thinking is I would do a Roon back up to USB but at the moment, the S40 doesn’t see it.


There are all different types of formats for external USB.
The Antipodes is a Linux device and expecting it to be compatible with iOS or windows devices is an issue.
For the best compatibility when using an external with a Antipodes use exfat

exFAT’s maximum file size limit is 16EiB (Exbibyte) . exFAT is compatible with more devices than NTFS, making it the system to use when copying/sharing large files between OSes. The Mac OS X has only read-only support for NTFS, but offers full read/write support for exFAT.

Also you can navigate to your Roon backups in the Storage folder via Finder or File Explorer, copy them to your computer via copy/paste for an additional layer of backup security.

Thanks for your help on this

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