CD rip another way

when i rip in cd…by default it goes to … storage … music … flac.
so we can send it to another way.
Ex: storage… music… flac… my music
if yes explain me in detail…
thank you

Hi there, NO is the answer. Storage/Music/flac is the default location for Rips and is not changeable

okay. I rip the CD… …recover it in Flac and drag it into my D2 My music file…it’s ok ?

As long as the files are beneath storage/music they will get scanned and show up in your music library.

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Out of interest which compression level does the AMS software rip to, if any?

Rips to Uncompressed flac

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What do you think or have found using uncompressed FLAC offers over industry standard level 5 compression?

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I have the same question… I’ve just ripped (James Blake) to both and will have a listen later (485 MB vs 218 MB).


Did you hear any differences?

I was hoping nobody would ask…
I actually found the FLAC 5 clearer than uncompressed. I’ll see if I can repeat. It was blind, it was not exhaustive and it was using Roon. I’ll try with squeeze as well.
Sorry to take so long, I’m all mouth and no action… Mark?

I’ve tried both and cannot hear any difference. This is via roonserver. Both files present the same dynamic data within room. My system is; AMS CX on 3.12 and Dutch & Dutch 8c’s.

What cable are you using between these two? And which power cords?

With uncompressed there is much less stress (computer chip wise) then with compressed. The CPU has to deal with the calculation…

It’s a desktop i7 !! It not even using 0.5% of its capacity to decompress the FLAC file

If I found uncompressed Flac to sound better, then I know for a fact it would constantly nag away at me & being as the very thought of re-ripping all my cd’s again absolutely fills me with dread, I’m not even going to try this. Sod doing all that again. :rofl:

Van-Damme CAT6 for Ethernet and DIY mains cables

you can use dbpweramp to batch decompress / reformat


Er, no thanks, that’s almost as bad as re-ripping them. I’m just going to regard this particular thread as a no go zone in future. :wink:

I think the only likelihood of hearing a difference from FLAC compression is when the noise floor is already extremely low. Roon may be the worst option to use to try to hear this.

I don’t intend to do any comparisons on my main system but I might try it on my mobile platform of Poly paired with Mojo as I am hoping to be able to squeeze more music onto a Micro SD card.

No offence intended, but could both of you please try & tone this down a little? A point of view is just that & can surely be given without trying to ram it down another’s throat

No matter what anyone’s personal experience is, how can they possibly judge what another’s system actually sounds like unless they’ve actually heard it. My own N31 is renowned for making every source sound good & indeed it does. So just because something sounds awful on one system, it doesn’t alway follow that it sounds the same on another.

Do I think Squeeze sounds better on my system? Yes.

Does Roon sound awful? No, not by any stretch, in fact it still sounds absolutely fabulous & the differences compared to Squeeze on my system are pretty small compared to how much better it is in practically every other aspect (IMO).

But that’s on my system & my own opinion. If your findings are different & on your system then fine, I’ve no problem with that & neither am I in a position to judge if I haven’t actually heard it. In any case, who cares? It’s what you personally like that matters. But please try not to run down or rubbish anyone else’s opinion.

On the other hand, is it really necessary to resort to name calling? Surely the point of this forum is to try & help each other & this combative behaviour really isn’t helpful.

As I said, no offence intended, but you’re both very valuable members on this forum & even if I don’t personally always agree with you, it would be a great shame to see this escalate to the extent that either of you could be excluded.

I apologise for stepping in, but it’s honestly with the best intent & again please don’t take any offence or believe I’m taking sides. Let’s just keep everything civil.

Kind Regards