HQPlayer5 Embedded?

I guess we are waiting for HQP5 to be tested by your team, Mark, before it upgrades itself?

My understanding is that Hq player updates are only done when there is a general update on antipodes software —

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We are guided by the OS support offered by Signalyst.
As such this will be a wee wait.

Is there an update on when the latest version of HQP will be incorporated into the Antipodes ‘HQP plus Roon’ option?

Signalyst has in their wisdom, stopped supporting Fedora versions pre-Fedora 37.
All Antipodes servers will require a kernel update for HQP5 to be compatible.
We anticipate this to be available on AMSv5.1
We are in the process of readying AMSv5.0 for release…

AMS Version 5.0.0

Release Highlights:

  • Updated Fedora OS
  • Updated Third Party Software
  • Updated security features
  • New Antipodes Dashboard Interface
  • New Locking Feature
  • New Server App Management
  • Improved AMS Updates


  • New and extensive changes to backend software logic
  • New PHP Dashboard Interface that combines: Solution, Server & Player Dashboards
  • New PHP for Update Dashboard
  • Updated Fedora OS version 36
  • Updated Squeezelite 1.9.9
  • Updated Logitech Media Server version 8.3.1
  • Updated Skin for Logitech Media Server (Material Skin)
  • Updated HQ Player version 4.34.2 - Getting ready for HQ Player 5
  • Updated Minim Server version 2.2
  • Updated mini DLNA version 1.3.2
  • Updated Music Player Daemon (MPD) version 0.23.12
  • Updated Plex Media Server version 1.32.5
  • Updated Antipodes File Manager 1.2

Bug Fixes:

  • Squeezebox server fixes
  • Improved PGGB support
  • Server and Player settings issues removed
  • Improved stable connection with Squeezelite client
  • Improved music format support
  • DSD Method Switching Improvements
  • Better backend management of DSD over PCM, Native DSD, and None


  • HQ Player App is no longer available on non-AVX machines
  • These machines can still run HQ Player as Player machines connected to Server machines with AVX support
  • Refer to Guides on how to set this up
  • Old Solution, Player, and Server PHP Dashboards Removed
  • LibreSpot (Spotify) Removed from dashboard
  • For access to Spotify services use Squeeze and log in using the Spotty Plugin

Heck of a series of updates! I’m really excited about the improved PGGB support. :grinning:

Excited for the update! Curious if my CX & EX are, or are not, AVX machines… I use HQ player with Roon solely so I’m not sure if this would impact me or how….



@desbiss CX is AVX so you will be able to run in your current config

Excellent! Thanks as always @MarkCole :+1:

Hello @MarkCole

Is there already a rough timetable for when version 5 of HQplayer will be available?

I would like to switch to HQplayer on my K50, but the Embedded 4 version can no longer be purchased from the manufacturer (only as an upgrade to version 5 with an existing version 4 license).

Should I expect a few weeks / a few months or rather half a year (or longer)?

Thanks for your reply.

atb, Tom

I wonder if the upgrade to v5 would cause those with a v4 license to have to buy a new license. I hope not.

„ Purchased license covers same major version (4.x or 5.x) of the same product.“

I would guess: a new license is required.
But there is an “upgrade discount” for an already existing 4-user license…

atb, Tom

This from Jussi @ Signalyst…

Yes, they do need a new license if they hold only v4 license. This is available as upgrade purchase through my web shop.

There are also number of Antipodes users who have already purchased v5 license and we have created a temporary v4 key for them so that they can use HQPlayer on their Antipodes while waiting for v5 to become available. Since new licenses for v4 have not been available for purchase since May this year.

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Thanks for posting that. I hope a sound quality benefit will come from purchasing the upgrade license.

Hello Marc,

thanks for your reply.
Purchased v5 yesterday and after a few mails Signalyst created a v4 for my K50.
Works all Fine so far.

atb, Tom

How do I get to your web shop to get the upgrade from 4 to 5 ? Or do I do this through Signalyst ? Thanks Eli

There is no point in purchasing the HQPlayer upgrade until advised.
It just creates more work for Jussi.
It will be two AMS updates away.
All HQPlayer purchases are thru Signalst.

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