Lack of reliability S30 and Squeeze


I’m amazed that a relatively expensive device (the S30 costs 4200€ all the same) is so unreliable under Squeeze.

First of all, it sometimes refuses to connect, no matter what you do: unplug the machine, wait 10 minutes, plug it back in, change to dlna and come back: nothing changes. It’s usually back online the next day.

It can also take a long time to load a playlist, forcing you to restart Squeeze.

Finally, from time to time, after an indeterminate time, there’s a loud crackling sound and playback resumes at the beginning of the track being listened to!

This isn’t the first time I’ve had these problems, and an assistant has already intervened, but the problems remain.

I don’t want Roon because I find it unusable for classical music (80% of my listening) because it blithely mixes composers, performers, conductors and if I’m looking for a specific work it’s almost impossible and as they don’t envisage accessing works via a repertoire…

Have you been regularly powering down your S30?

Squeeze/LMS is free software that was developed by volunteers. It emerged as a way to keep the Squeezebox ecosystem healthy despite that consumer product long being discontinued.

When one opts to run free software, the cost of the hardware is irrelevant. Squeeze/LMS can be run on Macs and PCs too. Regardless of how much one has invested in their computer, the same quirks are almost certain to be encountered. It’s up to the user to figure out how to work around those quirks.

Squeeze isn’t good at re-establishing communication with itself. Keeping servers powered up helps to ensure that it doesn’t have to do that.

We’re really fortunate to have Squeeze as an option. Not only is it free but it also turns out to be the best sounding option.

Hi @AlainCagnes
Can you advise what you mean by refuses to connect, do you mean to your DAC or that the UI is not available from myantipodes.

Hi Mark,
when I open Squeeze, it says that the S30 is not connected

Thank you for the answer. In fact it is true that it is probably due to squeeze and not to Antipodes which I like very much.

That would indicate that the “player” DAC is not recognized, what is the DAC?
Is myantipodes set for the DAC?May pay to book a remote support session.

it is a
Sugden DAC-4 Convertisseur DAC

Bonjour Alain,
The S30 is very reliable and quick and should not have connection delays or cause crackling sound.
I am convinced that Antipodes will have it fixed for you in no time so you can enjoy soon!

Ok for a remote support session.

Please make an appointment for remote access support here…

Hi Marc,
thank you for your advices. It’s been almost a month since I’ve had a problem. Leaving the S30 plugged in all the time has solved many stoppages.