LAN Cable from Router to Server

Just curious on what folks are having luck with. I have a 20 foot run from router to K50 so have to be choosy so I don’t over spend.


I run an 8m span of fiber. On the upstream side, I use a Sonore opticalModule and on the downstream side it’s an Unptone EtherRegen. The SFPs are discontinued model from Finisar. Yeah all this stuff matters but the benefit was there as far as minimizing the harm my network was doing to the music.

Don’t be afraid to try wifi, it can be the equal if not better than fixed. I use a wifi extender (BT Disc) in my listening room and connect that to my S40 using Audioquest Vodka. No issues with dropouts and I have compared extensively to connecting directly as I will always follow the route I think is best and I prefer wifi. The direct connection in my system is the classic sounds good initially but gets tiring after a while (suggesting noise is being picked up).

Now a direct noiseless connection might be different but wifi works extremely well for me.

Thanks guys…I have a run of basic AQ Cinnamon and it’s probably fine just curious what others were using. I run it into a Gigafoil (fiber decouples) then have a small run that goes into the k50. This seems to work well just wanted to get thoughts on what folks have had luck with since I am new to the K50.

Definitely not using wifi, been there done that. Totally inferior in my experience, especially in a home with three kids and wifi tv. The investment to a direct connection was the best thing I ever did.

For my part, between the router (and the double SOtM switches) and my K40, I obtained excellent results with the RJ / E cable from Network Acoustics coupled to their ENO Ag filter.

Thanks good to hear how others are using their…I actually had the ENO at the same time I got the Gigafoil, in my system the Gigafoil was audibly better by a large margin. I need to look into the SOTM switches, I have the English Electric ones and not sure they do a darn thing. Might be a weakspot.

Go to designacable here in the UK. they will make some Belden 1303E or VanDamme TG Cat6A cables for you in any length. they offer quick and reliable service

All cabling makes a difference, and can make a huge difference. Over 20 feet, the cost of good wired cable may be $1000s. However fibre performs very well, and so does wifi with decent hardware, power supply and suitable context (walls, etc).

Consider something like Sonore Optical Module upstream, then fibre to EtherRegen or a similar switch with SFP, then a very good wired ethernet cable to your server.

Ideally, you may be benefit from using a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X SFP, which is easy to set up, or Mikrotik CRS with fibre which are not easy for novice. In both cases, they handle switching with a hardware chip rather than software. Either of these could be the upstream fibre.

For wifi, I suggest using a decent Wifi Access Points rather than the wifi in an ISP router. TP link have some affordable options, rather than high capacity and cost like Ubiquiti. The WAPs should be powered by LPS, or battery.

My router is my bedroom closet and my music system is in the living room. Upstream in the closet I I use the EtherRegen switch and Transparent Audio ethernet cables from my Fios router and than just standard in-wall Cat 6 to the living room. From the living room wall I use TA Ethernet to TA XL power Isolator. From the power isolator I have the EdisCreation Fiber Box II and Silent switch connected using WireWorld Starlight Platinum Cat 8 ethernet cables to the Network Acoustics ENO ag to the K50. Having better switches and cables closer to the server makes the biggest difference. Having a separate dedicated switch for audio and another switch for my wired network made a slight difference.


I agree with the closer to the server part. I have a gigafoil right next to the server and a short run of high quality silver Ethernet cable. I think my weakspot is I need a new switch at the router (away in a closet across the room), trying to decide. I might get the SOTM since it clocks the signal on the way out and i hear good things about it.

I use the EtherRegen un-clocked A side, simply as a quality switch from my router (I do not like the sound from the clocked B side). The EdisCreation Silent Switch and Fiber Box both have OCXO clocks. I found when I added the Fiber Box directly upstream to the Silent Switch by the server there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality with the back to back re-clocking.

I have been on a long journey with ethernet and concluded the following.

Power suppies and cords are critical

Noise can travel between devices powered by the same power supply.

Power and ethernet Isolation are very beneficial (fibre, MOAT, wifi), ideally between devices, and mostly just prior to endpoint.

Put the router in my hifi rack where is can be powered via my power conditioner, and grounded with my audio system ground block.

Wifi is best by a significant margin as last leg to my endpoint. I use Devialet Pro, and have tried Auralic Aries G1 too with similar wifi superiority.

In between I have …

ISP > several metres Cat5e > wall outlet > Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference > EtherRegen 1 > fibre > router > JCAT Signature Gold> Antipodes EX > Shunyata Sigma > EtherRegen 2 > Synergistic Research Atmosphere X Reference > wifi access point (WAP)

All this has a cumulative improvement far more than when I upgraded from Antipodes Edge to EX.

The WAP is Mikrotik mAP powered by USB powerbank.

Each other digi/ethernet thing will also soon be powered by its own battery

I intend to improve upon the Cat 5e, attempt to rationalise the other cables and expense, install a Mikrotik CRS as router (which is all fibre), so may be settle on something like …

ISP > fibre > router > fibre > EtherRegen > EX > EtherRegen > WAP

I have Gigafoils too. They perform similar to stock EtherRegen, perhaps a bit better. But EtherRegen has advantages: it can be grounded, opened up to insert tweaks, and add external clock.

I hope this is of interest.


I agree 100% about ac isolation and electrical noise. My server and switch are on a separate dedicated ac line with a CAD GC 1 used to reduce ac line noise. I have also grounded my DAC, K50 and switch with CAD GC 3. I use very up market power cords for all devices as well as isolation footers.


Did you also try positioning the Fiber Box between the Silent Switch and the server? If so, could you please tell us the differences with no Fiber Box and how that positioning compared to positioning Fiber Box upstream of the Silent Switch. Thanks in advance.

The EdisCreation Fiber Box II is specifically designed to reduce noise and sync the network signal to the switch. It is an active device with an internal LPS. It improved the sound quality by 20% or so. Just better dynamics, attack and clarity. I have not tried the Fiber Box downstream after the switch. Edison Wong the creator advised me on the location. I do use a passive filter, the Network Acoustics ENO ag downstream from the switch to the K50. That lowers the noise floor further without negatively impacting the tonal character of the music. It acts similarly to the CAD GC 1 and GC 3 in converting excess energy or noise into heat.

Thanks…Yeah I use the Gigafoil right before the Server, similar concept to the Edis stuff. We can’t seem to get the Edis here in the States. Looks like nice stuff though, I’d be interested since conceptually it’s before the switch itself and it has a clock, GF does not. I tried the ENO, literally A/B’d it against the GF and in my system the GF provided better results by a large margin.

I ordered direct from Edison it took about 3 weeks for the switch and 4 weeks for the Fiber Box to NYC.

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Just to clarify, every ethernet switch, FMC etc has a clock, most have low cost but some ‘audiophile’ stuff has better clocks. I recall Gigafoil has 2 regular clocks, given it is essentially 2 industrial grade FMCs back to back in separate steel chambers.

could any owner of the Firebox II give me your impression of this product ? do you think its better than the optical module ? or even using a fibre module in 2 sot switches ?
I am considering

Did you mean Fiber Box II? I would say it improved my network streaming somewhere around 15 to 20%. However if I could re-wire my apartment I would use fiber to my audio system.