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I would appreciate some assistance with MPD on my K50. I followed the Antipodes video instructions for K50, MINIMSERVER selected for server and MPD selected for player. My K50 has AMSv3.13 installed. My local music storage is shown as Music Folder in File Manager and contained in Flac folder within the Music Folder. While I do not have difficulties with Roon or Squeeze finding and playing music, I have been unable to accomplish this for MPD. I have M1 Mac, iPhone, and iPad and have tried two different apps to control music playback, Rigelian and Maximum MPD. Both detect K50 Player MPD, but neither detect my local music, and I have been unable to play music with MPD.

How large is you music library, I have found it takes quite some time for Minim to scan the library.
I assume you have gone thru the setup? And checked all is enabled.
MinimServer needs to be selected as the server in the app.
Only yesterday I was testing playing DSD via MinimServer and MPD using HiFiCast on Android.
From what I have heard mconnect player lite is a good option for iOS users.

@worknprogress On my K50 if I want to use MPD I select MINIDLNA as the server (follow the instructions in the cog button to the right in order to Setup MiniDNLA and then Scan) and of course also select MPD as the Player.

Then I use mconnectHD as the controlling app on my iPad.

I had been using Squeeze but I have just gone and set MPD all up afresh as per the above and the mconnectHD app on my ipad picked up the K50 as the server straight away and have access automatically to all my music on the K50 by clicking on the K50server in the Local Server list (see the screenshot of my iPad running mconnectHD).

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Nick & Mark,

Thank you for responding. My library is approximately 893 GB.

I suspect the underlying issue has to do with my music being present on the server side, not player side. The control applications are searching the folder list on my player, not the server. /storage/music and /storage/music/flac does not have music files in the path being searched for K50Player. In finder on my computer, K50 Player has these folders, but they are empty. In Finder, there is also Network and ANTIPODES. When I select Get Info on ANTIPODES, there is a large ? shown. The same is shown when I select and open Network, which contains ?ANTIPODES and K50Player. The K50Player path has the folders but no files content. The ?ANTIPODES does have the folders and the Flac folder does contain the music files.

I have tried to reset pathway in MinimServer Setup to ANTIPODES/storage/music/flac and also to ?ANTIPODES/storage/music/flac but get Content directory path isn’t absolute: ?ANTIPODES/storage/music/flac in red.

And just to check that MinimServer works just fine I selected that as my Server instead of MiniDLNA and now mconnectHD shows MinimServer in list of Local servers and clicking on it gives access to all my music.

Just to say that as far as I know, MPD is a ‘Pull’ type of player and is doing all the work getting the music from the server as opposed to say Squeeze which Pushes the music file to the Player.

The two applications you are using are mpd cobtrollers and will not find a library on a K series. They are the preferred way to play mpd but require the library to be on the player so only a player/server will work. i.e. CX EX S40. This method has the best sound.

On a K series an external player app i.e. mconnect is required. This pulls from the K minimserver or mini dlna and then resends to the K player. This is less quality as the stream is retransmitted by the ios app.

I have requested the player on the K series be able to be a server/player for this app to allow mpd direct. Mark has said this may be incorporated in an upcoming ams update.


Thank you for the information and explanation. In checking the App Store, 5 different versions of mconnect are shown: mconnect Player HD-$5.99, connect Player Lite, mconnect control HD, mconnect control, mconnect Player-$5.99. All but connect Player Lite indicate data is not collected. Which of these would you recommend?


Thank you both for the original suggestion and taking the steps of further testing you performed.

I use mconnectHD on my iPad. If AMS is modified to allow MPD direct I would suggest Rigellian.

FYI - I have a separate EX as well as the K30. I set up the EX as a player/server with a folder linked to my library on the K30. Using Rigelian it sets up a play path direct from K30 ssd to the MPD player on the EX. After you press play you can turn off the Rigelian app and the stream continues direct from the K30 ssd to the EX player. A shorter path can be created if you have an ssd in the EX with your library on it. Allowing the K50 player to be both a sever/player should provide this functionality I think.

Once again, thank you.

@MarkCole ,

Can you provide anticipated time frame for next AMS revision that could address K series issue for SSD files direct for MPD applications like Rigelian as noted by Progisus?

Are you really saying the music files pass through my ipad on the way from the k50 server to the k50 player and go through mconnectHD? If i pull the K50 ethernet cable whilst playing music, the music does not stop.

I thought it was the mpd player app on the k50 that pulled the music from the k50 server.

As mentioned, the right tool for the job.
Mconnect Player Lite will do what is required, that is, set the server and being able to set the player.
Music does not flow thru the control app, that would be ridiculous.
Regarding using your K50 Server as a NAS and K50 Player as a Server/Player no ETA, you have to realise that these requests are completely left field from normal.
And really you are using one computing device as the server/player pulling across the same wee internal connection.
I struggle to see how using Minim+MPD with seperate computing devices would sound worse as MPD is still pulling across the same wee internal connection.
Ok, so there is a difference, streaming mode vs block mode.
Also miniDLNA is a good quick option, no DSD support, if that is something you need, then MinimServer.

I loved the MinimServer with CX EX combo the K50 with MinimSever did not sound as good to me…
There must be a reason for this.
Can anyone explain ?

No reason, except for a change in devices.
Could it be that listening to other forms sound better, because the K50 is better, like comparitively speaking.
Minim + MPD does sound great IMHO :grin:

Maybe, but when I tried MinimServer with the CX EX combo I was wowed and was similar to
Roon Squeeze on the K50…
I tried MinimServer on the K50 when it was released (thank you for including it on an update)
and was disappointed.
Just wondered why the difference ?

Just enabled mini dlna on k30 and set k30 player to mpd. Started mconnect and started song. Disabled mconnect play stopped. Started again and turned off ipad. Play stopped. You probably had buffered whole song.


I appreciate you weighing back in on this. Regarding Connect Player Lite, that is the one option I found in the App Store that indicates Identifiers and Usage Data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies–I wish to avoid that where possible.

May I suggest you edit the MPD video to make the suggestion for a version of Connect be employed, so other K series owners, including upcoming new owners, can implement and utilize MPD quickly. I invested quite a few hours trying to get the two apps, Maximum MPD and Regelian, to work without success.

Once again I wish to convey my appreciation to all that contributed and assisted me here. I did purchase mconnect player on the App Store. The app allows selection to my iMac/Airplay as a player and for UPnP Devices my Lumin X1 and K50player-UPnP/AV. I have tested all 3. Interestingly, I tried the Lumin X1 with the "Disable OpenHome " box checked and unchecked for MPD Player Settings, and the X1 played music either case. K50player-UPnP/AV UPnP Device player setting goes to my Mola-Mola. It will take me a bit of listening to various options for making an opinion on this other server and player options.

I am not sure your experiment proves that the music is flowing through the app. Also, i have a feeling that the k50 with mpd does not do whole song buffering.

And @MarkCole has just said, “ Music does not flow thru the control app, that would be ridiculous.”