No info in

In finding out theres a new version of AMS, I tried to look for update using ‘
However that page reports only the following
Music Servers 0
No music servers found on your network.

Network players 0

No music players found on your network.

No other graphics etc. Tried refreshing and rebooting etc but cant get to player or server pages.
Access to music via ip address is up and working properly.

Any suggestions?

OK so I switched off my VPN.
This allowed me to find the server & player menus.

System reports on AMSv4.4.0 and reports that software is up to date.
This does not link to any further upgrade.

Where do I find the update to AMS 5?

There were some technical issues with some customers, so the update is on hold until Mark lets us know:

If you would like to make an appointment for remote access support, I can look to load AMSv5 on your device