Roon Back-Up - Correct Location

Roon defaults to the internal OS drive for back-ups this is NOT where you want to back up to, eventually the OS drive will fill and your unit will become in-operable.

Do Not Back Up To Root

If you are going to back up to the Antipodes, use STORAGE

Your Back-Up should look like this

backup should look like this

Also to Back-Up to USB looks like this

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I’ve only now just read this thread and I had the back-up’s going to the root drive.

I’ve reset the back-ups to go the the storage drive, but should I now remove the old back-ups form my root drive to clear some space on the root drive?

Short answer yes. However it may require remote access by support to remove.


I’ve completed the back-up to K40/Storage/RoonBackups, and installed AnyDesk.

Anytime that suits you if you want to do the remote access to remove the old backups from the root drive is good for me :+1:

I recently connected an external drive to one of the USB 3 ports on my K50 to backup, but it doesn’t appear on the list as displayed above. Which format should the disc have? TXS