Roon. iMac to antipodes

I will receive my new antipodes tomorrow.
At the moment I am using an imac and my music files are on the hard drive of the Imac.
Do you have a safe and detailed procedure to ensure the transfer and not lose my playlists.
I intended to install my music folder in the antipodes DS GT … explanatory photos would be appreciated.
I am very excited, and I also had a very bad blow.
Thank you.
A worried Quebequois

I am new to this forum … I may not be posting in the correct section?

Hi @Claude, the Antipodes DS GT is an older Antipodes model. You need to determine what level of software is currently installed, as there have been several changes recently.

Are you buying from a dealer or from the previous owner?

firmware version V 3.11.
Buy from an owner
1 T ssd

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where do I put the Roon backup?
Server Dashboard or Player Dashboard in myantipodes.
And what’s the difference

Please check the Guides Page below for Antipodes Server understanding

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