Roon Update Coming September 20th

@Mark Cole,
I received an email from Roon today indicating an update coming September 20. The email did not elaborate on the details of the update, but indicated more details would be coming. Will this require an Antipodes AMS version update, and if so, when will Antipodes be rolling this out? Thanks Mark.

Roon updates itself on Antipodes. It shouldn’t need anything from Antipodes. The time that AMS needed an update had to do with HQPlayer. Since HQPlayer doesn’t update itself, Antipodes had to push out a new version to be compatible with the changes Roon made.

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I’ve been a beta tester and I think you are going to like the upgrade. There was no issues with my K30.


I don’t wanna break your NDA, but would you mind if I ask if this update got to do anything withs sound quality ?

The consensus on roon forums is that roon sound does not change. There was one time I saw the developers mention a sound quality increase due to how the signal was routed through the code. Of course Antipodes users know that server computer quality can affect the sound. I definitely hear a different sound depending on the roon core server and operating system. The upcoming 2.0 release is a functionality upgrade and a groundbreaking one for roon.

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on Roon forums I find those “Roon version doesn’t change sound quality” guys a bit condescending to be honest. I generally do find sound quality slightly change between versions.

I agree that there are slight changes with version changes.

Nice to hear. As good as the UI has been, this should be interesting.

I always get nervous when they announce a ‘big’ update. I think it is fine as it is and doesn’t need any more features.

If they continue to add features we will soon get to the point where our legacy hardware doesn’t have enough processing power and we will be left with expensive bricks.

I have learned this hard lesson with apple products where perfectly usable hardware is forced into obsolescence after a few years. These audio servers are far too expensive to be replacing them every few years due to software incompatibility.

Apple actually stops updating legacy hardware so it can remain as usable as it was when it was purchased. Their feature updates have been always optional so obsolescence could not have been forced. The end user had to make the choice to upgrade.

You can configure Roon to ask before downloading updates. Enable that and simply refuse any updates if you’d like things to remain the same.

I understand the trepidation.
And we are also at the mercy of the software developers.
Antipodes Audio has always offered an upgrade path, as an example our recent notification to DS and DX owners.
Power and memory upgrades for CX and EX owners.
Devices are having to become more powerful over time, particularly on the server side to cope with “advancements” in software.
Hardware technology is also advancing over time, we are a tech company, as such would be remiss if we did not pass on these advances to users.
Our current range of OLADRA and K Series are extremely capable devices, with the OLADRA and K50 leading the pack in server design and sound quality.

Darko and Enno Vandermeer Roon CEO on Roon 2.0
If your not into ARC but are a iOS user the news is good for improved performance on the iOS platform.

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Roon 2.0 and arc on my devices installed easy peasy, everything works great. Dx3 oladra upgrade system, 3.2

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Does Roon 2.0 update on antipodes servers automatically? Is there a way to opt out of the upgrade?

Roon allows you to tell it how to apply upgrades. I have it set to ask me before updating it.

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why would you want to do that? opt out I mean?

I am not keen on being an early adopter on major releases. Since they continue to make the software more bloated I want to wait at least six months after which there should be sufficient early adopter reviews to understand if the new features also cause slower searching performance and/or worse sound quality.

Looking back a few months, Roon release updates in late April, early May, late May, mid June, then 3 times in July, mid and late September and I could go on. Waiting at least six months for Roon to stabilize is really not going to gain you much since Roon is a moving target. Also during that 6 months, version you are using has unpatched bugs that could make Roon even more bloated than the latest version.

What I recommend instead is to read the release notes before deciding to apply the latest update. They always provide a link to it,

With 2.0 they actually made their macOS and iOS version less bloated and more nimble. So those controlling Roon from one of those devices should rush to upgrade them.

As far as Roon Core on Antipodes, I don’t see anything other than the new ARC feature that might slow things down. Configuring this is optional.

In the past I held off on applying any updates that might have harmed sound quality and wait to see if there were more complaints than usual. That’s never a bad thing to do.

Thanks. If you upgrade the ios app you are FORCED to also upgrade the core, since the new app won’t work with an old version of core. I found this out the hard way when my iphone app upgraded itself without my approval (hidden setting in IOS that was turned on). Thankfully my ipad did not update.

It is a massive leap of faith to update the core on day one of a major release. Of course the release notes will say that everything is wonderful, but my past experience has not been positive with major releases.

I would prefer that the control app maintains backwards compatibility with old versions of the core.

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