Squeezebox plug ins

I’ve been looking for an alternative to Ipeng, as I run the K50 from my iPhone. The Ipeng UI is very limited. I’ve just tried to enable Jplay as the interface looks much better, but they say I need a Squeezebox UPnP plug in. Does anyone know if this can be done on a K50?

If not, any Ipeng alternatives people can recommend? I don’t want to touch Roon as I’ve only heard negative comments about its effect on SQ.

i think if you run minimserver jplay will work with that, im not sure how to get it working with squeezeserver. Linn kazoo is another app that will work with squeeze i think but not as good as jplay.

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There is a plugin.

In Squeeze go to Settings/Library/Basic Settings and scroll down to Plugins (the entry between Playlist Manage and Podcasts). This will bring up the list of all available plugins. Scroll down and check whether UPnP/DLNA Media Interface is enabled:

OK, so I have installed UPnP/DLNA plug in for Squeeze as suggested and in JPLAY I have it recognising the Oladra Server and Player but if I try to play a track I get the error message shown on the second screen shot.

Has anyone got any ideas what I am doing wrong or need to do to get JPLAY to control Squeeze?

Hi Nick. After my initial excitement over Jplay, I don’t think it is ready for prime time. The only way I got it to work was with minimserver on my NAS and my EX configured as MPD. I’m back to squeeze or hqplayer for my pggb files.


Hi @Progisus well so far I also can only get JPLAY to play with MinimServer and MPD and then the sound quality is not as good as Squeeze/Squeeze.

I also find the JPLAY interface somewhat less than intuitive but that might just be me!


I managed to get it to work momentarily, however, it looks like the UPnP plugin only supports 16bit in the current Squeeze version.
Playing an un-supported file seems to kill it.
Using HiFi Cast on my Android device, I get the same result on 24bit.
Also, using Squeeze Server and MPD only 16bit playback.

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@MarkCole Thanks for your further investigations.