Squeezebox plug ins

I’ve been looking for an alternative to Ipeng, as I run the K50 from my iPhone. The Ipeng UI is very limited. I’ve just tried to enable Jplay as the interface looks much better, but they say I need a Squeezebox UPnP plug in. Does anyone know if this can be done on a K50?

If not, any Ipeng alternatives people can recommend? I don’t want to touch Roon as I’ve only heard negative comments about its effect on SQ.

i think if you run minimserver jplay will work with that, im not sure how to get it working with squeezeserver. Linn kazoo is another app that will work with squeeze i think but not as good as jplay.

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There is a plugin.

In Squeeze go to Settings/Library/Basic Settings and scroll down to Plugins (the entry between Playlist Manage and Podcasts). This will bring up the list of all available plugins. Scroll down and check whether UPnP/DLNA Media Interface is enabled:

OK, so I have installed UPnP/DLNA plug in for Squeeze as suggested and in JPLAY I have it recognising the Oladra Server and Player but if I try to play a track I get the error message shown on the second screen shot.

Has anyone got any ideas what I am doing wrong or need to do to get JPLAY to control Squeeze?

Hi Nick. After my initial excitement over Jplay, I don’t think it is ready for prime time. The only way I got it to work was with minimserver on my NAS and my EX configured as MPD. I’m back to squeeze or hqplayer for my pggb files.


Hi @Progisus well so far I also can only get JPLAY to play with MinimServer and MPD and then the sound quality is not as good as Squeeze/Squeeze.

I also find the JPLAY interface somewhat less than intuitive but that might just be me!


I managed to get it to work momentarily, however, it looks like the UPnP plugin only supports 16bit in the current Squeeze version.
Playing an un-supported file seems to kill it.
Using HiFi Cast on my Android device, I get the same result on 24bit.
Also, using Squeeze Server and MPD only 16bit playback.


@MarkCole Thanks for your further investigations.

still no fix for this? looking for a way to use jplay with squeeze

That is up to the developer of JPlay to make happen.

Mark seemed to suggest that if the UPnP plugin in squeeze supported >16 bit then it would work with no changes to jplay. i was hoping someone had some info on whether this is ever going to happen, or a workaround

Thanks for reminding me of that.

Have you tried MPD/MinimServer? You would get full JPlay support with this.

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Need to chill out for v5 for Squeeze UPnP, I can’t test JPlay due to Mac M1 and Windows licence, I’ll try a work-around and report back at some point.

yes im currently using MPD minimserver and Jplay which sounds great. But Nick did comment on this forum somewhere that squeeze just edged it over mpd/minim so im keen tor try squeeze with a decent app i.e. jplay.

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great news! sounds like a solution at the end of the month so.

btw i also use a mac m1, jplay works on it, not perfectly but it works enough to let you test the sound out

Indeed I did make that comment regarding my opinion of the sound quality of MPD+Minimserver+JPLAY vs Squeeze (LMS) + Squeezelite. The difference was sufficient for me not to want to go back to the MPD combination. I’m not sure exactly what I said but the difference for me was perhaps more than ‘just edged’!

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Same here. JPlay looks nice but MPD was too smeared relative to Squeeze.

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Yep! Agreed with that.

So, in AMSv5 there is a new option of Squeeze Server + MPD.

The Squeeze UPnP plug-in should be enabled upon upgrade.
Using JPLAY on my iPad , with my test K50, selecting Squeeze Server as the source, and K50Player (MPD) as output, I can confirm a responsive App, with Tidal and Qobuz integration, gotta say it is quite good, very Roon like. Plays and displays all HiRes content.

As far as sound quality goes, I will let the hive decide, I am testing thru my desktop system with headphones.

Obviously, there is MinimServer also as an option.

Possibly might win me over as the first Apple App I may consider paying for.


@MarkCole Tempting us with the 5.0 upgrade !!! Hopefully that means you are close to letting us have it!!