What is required to get HQ player to work on Roon with the K50

I curious if anyone could give a step by step on getting HQ player to work on the K50. Is the HQ software at Roon? Do I need to buy the HQ software? If so which version? If I need to buy it what type of computer do I need to power the software? I know there have been some discussion on this subject but I am still not in full understanding — I have a May Holo 3 dac and would like to get its fullest capability So again a step by step on HQ in Roon. Thanks Eli

If you can wait until AMS 4 ships, it will get easier to configure this. You will need to purchase a license but you can hold off on that until you are able to give it a try. There is a trial mode.

You can purchase it from here by clicking the option for the embedded version. This will run on your K50.


Basically, in server dashboard, set Roon server to on and HQPlayer server to on.
In the player dashboard select HQPlayer, don’t use the HQPlayer Roon Special option.
Open HQPlayer from the server dashboard, use admin/admin for trial mode, set it up for the network backend of the player.
Go to Roon/Settings/Setup click add HQPlayer, enter the IP address of the server dashboard.


I have a DX-3 and Eli has is K50. Neither of them works as you mentioned. On my DX-3 The HQPlayer dashboard does not have a device:

Notice that there is no NAA backend shown in the screenshot. I have a simple Topping D10 DAC on there now for testing. The DAC shows 384 so something changed. Roon does not show playback progress

My Server is on AMS3.14. Roon is 2.0 (build 1128)

For a DX the set up is different.
For the K50, has the player dashboard been set and saved for the output.
Try restarting HQPLAYER server.

Did you set, and save, Player to ‘HQPlayer’ in the Player Dashboard:

The NAA option is only filled in when HQPlayer detects an NAA. Sometimes you have click submit on that page to have HQP try again to rediscover the NAA. It won’t do this automatically.

I run into this when I switch the player from Squeeze to HQP. HQP needs to be bumped in order to detect this. Restarting HQP can accomplish this too.

Can you show how this is done on the new software and how it looks thanks

On the Solution page, under Preset there is a dropdown menu with various options, including “HQPlayer with Roon Server”. That’s what you want.
Unless you’re me, in which case everything works real fine apart from the fact that it “plays” with NO sound at all.
Still trying to find out why…

That can mean that HQPlayer is running in Trial mode. Check out the About tab in HQPlayer settings.

thanks, kennyb123.
It DOES say “Trial”, even though I have uploaded the key.
I don’t need another key after AMSv4.0 came out, do I?
Also, I have restarted HQP a few times, which used to fix any issue s back when I DID have the trial version…
I shall upload the key again, see what happens.

If you previously obtained a license for HQPlayer using the fingerprint of your player, you’ll need to send Jussi a mail to request swapping the license to your server.

I see - thanks a lot for letting me know. I shall go about doing so :slight_smile:
(That seems crazy- I bought the wrong key for the K50, so then got a new embedded one, then had to get a new one for the Oladra, now a new one again!! Seem dumb and must annoy the shiyt out of Jussi)
Thanks again, kennyb

If you pay extra for the Licence on USB Key, you can easily swap devices as HQPlayer looks to the licence contained on the USB.
Works great for me as I swap out devices regularly.
You may find it not worthwhile, but does remove the licence frustration completely.

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Thanks for the note, Mark.
I will suss out the price.
I don’t understand what AMSv4.0 has done to screw it up?
Previously, did HQP run on the Player computer, and now under v4.0 it runs on the Server AND the player computer?

Server is where it should be run. AMS4 gets that right.

It depends on how you used it.
So yes and no.
I realise this is a bit confusing.
If you used the Roon Special HQPlayer option in the Player Dashboard in AMSv3.14 then yes it ran on the Player.
In v3.14 it was also possible to setup HQPLAYER and Roon as the now Auto Preset in AMS4
We have removed the Roon Special Option in the Player Dashboard in AMS4

The HQPLAYER + Roon Preset Auto, uses HQPLAYER server and Roon Server running on the server and HQPLAYER NAA running on the Player.

This is the correct setup for HQPLAYER as you want any upsampling to be done on the more powerful server board, the special option was more for people to experiment with.

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Thankyou, I will do the necessary.

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HQPLAYER+ Roon Server Preset

Solution Dashboard

I also have Squeeze, MinimServer and Plex running.