Antipodes Audio AMSv5 Release Information

I think Mark was saying that you
can not update to the latest version of LMS yourself
but that version 8.4 will be part of the next AMSv5.x update.

Enjoy your music in the meantime!

I can’t get it to update
In Material > Settings > Server i enabled the a]Atomaticcaly check for updates & the auto download option too.
When I pressed Download it told me v8.4.0-0 was availed but I’m pretty sure I can’t install it.
How did you manage to install it?

Tidal is back for me. ver 1.0.0. LMS is still at 8.3 . The tidal developer has made it work with previous versions.

It worked all the time here. Good for you it’s back!

Not sure what you are referring to. The offline version of Tidal has not worked for a couple weeks.

Just trying to help, wasn’t aware it was about the ‘offline’ feature.

Let me ensure I understand correctly: In offline mode, you’re essentially storing albums locally, akin to how you would on your phone. Then, you can play them from a local server, even with the Ethernet disconnected, in theory (except for a controller point/device through for example a Wi-Fi access point), The main advantage here is that there’s no reliance on an online connection, potentially enhancing the sound quality. Is that the correct understanding?

The offline version means you do not need a mysqueezebox account. That is being closed down soon. Many have deleted their account in anticipation.

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Step 1: Go to server settings>plugins and you should see this:

Click on both Tidal plugins, save.

Why did you save both? The logitech one is not required.

Antipodes Audio has taken the opportunity to advance myantipodes development during the AMSv5 downtime.

We will have scheduled myantipodes downtime and maintenance in the coming week, watch for more specific announcements closer to the day.

We appreciate everyones patience as we move thru this development phase.


Thank you for keeping us in the loop and informed


On April 7th & 8th 07/4/24 10:00 pm - 2:00 am GMT (4 hours) Antipodes Audio has a planned maintenance to My Antipodes.

This will impact performance on detecting your machines and we do not recommend using My Antipodes until maintenance has finished.

You may use or the iOS & Android app however after the maintenance is over we recommend you restart your machine.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes.


Hi @antipodes,
Two months following the AMSv5.0 update, Antipodes has a maintenance scheduled. My understanding was that the ambitious update lasted a couple of days, during which some users, including myself, successfully updated without any issues. However, it was then put on hold until this scheduled maintenance.

Given the announcements for 2024, I’m left wondering what occurred during the past two months and how the future updates for 2024 will unfold. Will they be scheduled maintenance updates, or will there be specific moments when users are prompted to install subsequent versions of AMSv5.x?


Some users had issues with AMSv5 install, some did not, the actual software is brilliant, the installation is where the problem occurred for a small sub-set of users.

We have taken our time to remedy this. Part of this remedy involves maintenance to myantipodes.

Maintenance on the 7th / 8th is for myantipodes and our servers that run that service only.
All servers can access the AMS Dashboard using the alternate during the downtime

Software updates will be as per normally communicated and be available in the AMS Dashboard, nothing has changed there.

We still have work to do, before re-enabling AMSv5, we are simply stepping thru the process, maintenance is step one.

So long story short, Maintenance is different from Update.


Thank you, Mark. I completely understand your explanation. This maintenance phase is for myantipodes and marks the pinnacle of the significant advancements in sound quality achieved with the introduction of AMSv5 in February 2024, but without necessarily any SQ improvements.

  1. The upcoming AMSvX update for 2024 is focused on an extensive overhaul of the backend functionality, with the goal of enhancing responsiveness and further optimizing sound quality.

  2. This year an other impending update will smoothly integrate the My Antipodes apps with AMS and various third-party playback platforms, guaranteeing users a seamless experience across all selected playback methods.

Keep up the excellent work!


Have you finished you system update?

The recent downtime of myantipodes is complete.

We have successfully updated our servers for the next step in the AMS release.

Anticipate AMSv5.01 to be released on 22 April, as always this date is our target and subject to change.


Sweet! I can now see my EX and CX from the Setup drop down on the main Antipodes site! This has never worked for me. Progress! :slight_smile:

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May have spoke too soon… I closed my browser window and they’re no longer visible upon reopening. :thinking:

Can not find my network from my K50 player. I tried Rebooting, I shut down everything as suggested and still can not find Network. And I tried MYantipodes and still say not on network? Any suggestions Eli Lawrence