Antipodes Audio AMSv5 Release Information

Version 5.6.0 of HQPlayer 5 was released last week. It contains a new feature described as “DAC specific output correction”. Few specifics have been shared about this but it seems that there has been some tuning for a small subset of DACs. FYI to @MarkCole as maybe this can still make it into the upcoming AMS 5 release.

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I noted that in the HQPlayer release notes as well. Very interesting…

May be much ado about nothing…

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Perhaps more merit with some DACs than others, potentially…

“So it seems that basically the DAC corrections are small adjustments to compensate for whatever analog filter the DAC may be using that would otherwise cause a very slightly non-flat FR?”

Hello, I had a remote session with Mark last night and he fixed the dashboard problem on my Oladra and loaded AMSv5 at the same time. Now I have 50% incorrect photos for album artists in Material Skin. Oladra, iPad, iPhone have been restarted several times and the Safari cache deleted. New, but incorrect photos appear every time I start. The database in Oladra has been deleted and rescanned. Always new, incorrect photos. Does anyone have any ideas before I completely lose interest in this hobby.

Almost all of the artist images are wrong and when I press an artist the loading circle spins and has been going on for several hours. With every new update the function gets worse. Everything worked once.

It’s a bug that seems to have been introduced with AMS 5. We’ve been hoping a fix will arrive when AMS 5.1 is released.

Hello all, I’m also hoping the new software will resolve the problem of Squeeze that keeps defaulting back to “Analog Out” with every start-up. It’s really annoying having to switch this back to digital USB output repeatedly.

You need to go to the dashboard after every restart to set the dashboard.

Why can’t it remember the setting the user has selected?
I’ve noticed this too. Makes me panic thinking the K50 is broken until t]I realise it’s set itself to what it thinks is needed.
Totally not necessary and ought to be fixed at some stage

I’ve been trying to get Squeeze/Squeeze to work under AMSv500 for 4 days now. The wrong images for album interpreters have partly become normalized. Some are still wrong. When I press My Music/Album Artists on an artist in the web interface (Marterial Skin), a loading circle appears. I have to close and reopen Material Skin. Now I see the albums. I press an album and the loading circle appears. With a lot of luck I’ll be able to play music on the 3rd try. Every 500 Euro DAP has smoother operation than my Oladra under AMS V5. The Oladra’s excellent sound quality only partially consoles me.

I experience the same thing. I have been able to work around it by turning off “Show Artwork”. If you click the three dots at the top right, then choose Interface, you will find this option. I am hoping we get a fix to this. The nice thing about not displaying images is that it loads faster.

I just disabled “Image Display” but the problem still persists. The charging circuit spins and it stops responding. Under AMS v4.4. everything reacted smoothly. I just ask myself one question: If these many bugs are known in AMS v5, why is AMS v5 being loaded onto the Oladra in a remote session?

Clear your browser cache. Behavior should return to normal. But also it’s best to slow down as far as scrolling through the list. The circle being displayed is Squeeze trying to keep up. For some reason the browser isn’t keeping up. Avoiding actions that cause it to have to send a lot of data down at once can help.

AMS 5 not installing correctly for some created worse problems. Reinstalling AMS 5 resolves that. These problems were more catastrophic where they left people unable to play music.

The bug you are reporting can’t be resolved until the next version is installed. They are taking their time to get this right before sending it down. We can’t have it both ways as far as wanting quick fixes released and wanting releases to have no bugs. The problems with AMS 5 were more around the mechanism for delivering these updates. Until they have that working perfectly, it makes no sense to push out more updates. With AMS 5 the updating logic was redone so they could position things so updates could be pushed out more frequently. Once we get past this, we should be in a much better position.

It looks like I have been running AMS 5 since at least mid-February. I have used Squeeze every single day since then. The issue you are reporting hasn’t harmed my ability to enjoy music. I even forgot about it until you recently mentioned it. I get that it can be frustrating but months from now it will be long forgotten.

Another workaround is to use a different method to control Squeeze, like iPeng on iOS.

Before I discovered that turning off images helps, I leaned more heavily on the Random Albums view. This works far more reliably even with images turned on. This hiccup has lead me to listening to music I hadn’t heard in a while, which has been a nice plus.


This is not an AMSv5 bug, it is a Squeeze version bug.
There is a update for Squeeze being tested.


So I’m still on AMS 4.4 and Tidal has started working again for me. Squeeze is showing Firmware: v1.8.4 (R2). Not sure if I missed something here but I’m not complaining?


Any new date for version 5 availability?


Hi there, everytime I give an ETA the Dev team adjust it.
I am extremely hesitant to offer a time frame.
Most of the Antipodes team are currently travelling globally meeting or distribution partners, returning to New Zealand in June.
I will be able to support the release when back in New Zealand so anticipate that we can release new AMS in June.


@MarkCole - appreciate the insight! When the new AMS comes out, can we anticipate it will include the updated Fedora kernel which will re-enable DSD playback for my Ayre DAC…?

My DSD is dearly missed…