Late to the party

Having been happy enough with Roon the last while I tried Squeeze a few days ago (and like it) but after trying to set up Tidal it would seem my timing is not good…

Qobuz is better anyway :wink:

Tidal Music Library

For Tidal, it offers more than 100 million tracks and 650,000 music videos in its library. Users can find music on the Tidal sections like albums, explore, and so on. Besides, it offers more than 25,000 Hi-Res audio quality songs.

Qobuz Music Library👍

While Qobuz owns over 100 million audio. It has more than 424,000 Hi-Res tracks and over 60 million tracks in CD resolution. And you can search on Qobuz for the tracks you want to listen to. Yet, you can’t find podcasts, audiobooks and other kinds of content on Qobuz. That’s because Qobuz is only a music streaming service.

According to the data of the Qobuz or Tidal catalog, it seems that Qobuz and Tidal have a similar number of music library for users to enjoy music. But if you want to stream more Hi-Res tracks, you can go to Qobuz.

There is now a Tidal plugin. Server/Settings/Plugins/Inactive Plugins and the Tidal (offline)

Works pretty good.


This is significant, thank you for posting @Progisus

Qobuz has been on my radar as well but as you can tell, good things take time around here. . :slightly_smiling_face:

I found Plugin settings under - settings/library/basic settings but Tidal is showing as active and nothing available for Tidal (offline) under Inactive Plugins?

@MarkR You’re in the right spot! Just three steps are still pending.

  1. Select
  2. Save Settings
  3. Authenticate with Tidal
    note that you will be editing Server Settings (Ctrl+E)
    Player Settings are under (Ctrl+P)

and thanks for the heads up @Progisus !

Finally, select the streaming quality, ensuring it meets your preferences.

GUI bonus:


Nice thanks Paul, that’s my kind of language!

I’m going to defend myself first and say streaming for me has been mostly a way of finding new music and upstream is not optimised in any way (we are talking Orbi satellite here folks). But early impressions are Squeeze seems to show an even bigger improvement with streamed music and gets it closer to stored files.

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Hi @MarkR , my pleasure. As a visual thinker myself, I understand that many of us prefer visual representations.

Your Squeeze ² impressions are with K30 Oladra, if my memory is correct?

While the ORBI satellite absolutely can offer satisfactory (audio) performance, consider enhancing its capabilities with an upgraded linear power supply. Options such as the iPower Elite or iPower X from iFi may provide more economical solutions. For optimal audio performance, always utilize the 2.4GHz band with the lowest available wireless power setting. Usually in audio less power is less noise.

By the way, it appears that Tidal is adjusting its pricing for the better.

Yes K30 G4. Power supply for the Orbi is a great suggestion. I have been given a Netgear X10 though (missing a 19V power supply) which I guess would be quite good? I need pull out an old coax cable through the wall to run Ethernet to my room which is doable but we should be moving next year so I’m procrastinating. I do have a Zen stream for daily use upstairs so will try an iPower X as it can be repurposed there. :grinning: