Antipodes Audio AMSv5 Release Information

AMSv5 was the official release however under certain conditions it went a little pear shaped.
When we re-enable the update it will be AMSv5.01 and users on v5 will simply hit the re-enabled update button to take you to v5.01


I had some issues with installing AMSv5 but after support from Antipodes now a happy user again. So even AMSv5 is wonderful if you are lucky enough the launch succeeded. I expect AMSv5.01 to be as smooth and clear as v5. So much to look forward to.

Mark, dx3 oladra here, accessed my antipodes today and was told there’s a new 5.0 update for player and server. So I hit update, it completed and asked to hard reboot. Did that for both player then server. But it still has an update available? What gives, sounds great and I’m using roon.

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The AMS update is currently dis-abled, hitting the update button does not update the device.

Thx, will wait till it’s ready

UPDATE # TIDAL Plug-In Now Available for Squeeze



Starting April 10, 2024, you will now get access to our music library in full lossless, HiRes FLAC, and Dolby Atmos sound for the same price you pay today of $xx/month.
This is because we’re making it easier for everyone to enjoy best-in-class sound quality by combining our HiFi and HiFi Plus tiers into a single subscription tier called TIDAL.

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Since today, the Tidal app doesn’t appear anymore on squeeze.

When I go to server settings, I see that since today the tidal plugin checkbox is unmarked with the info that the plug-in is no more compatible with the software version what is somehow very strange since the software hasn’t changed since yesterday and is still the AMS v5.0…
I rechecked the box and restarted the server…but still nothing…I restart fiscally several times my Antipodes and the situation remains the same: no more tidal app…

Does it happen to someone else?
Have you been able to fix it?
Any idea about what happened?

Thank you.



This is the same for me. Mark, can you update the squeeze server when you reactivate the upgrade button?

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It seems to me you only need the Tidal v 2.0 plugin to have it work. That is the (only) one I have activated and Tidal is still working as I am writing this. Here I do not see the Tidal v0.9.0 (that is incompatible anyways) as an option either.

A few months back, I remember there were multiple Tidal plugins available for LMS, although only one was necessary (I believe it was also version 2.0). During that period, I had to log in with my Tidal credentials multiple times to get it to function properly. Fortunately, Mark assisted me, and we managed to get it working.

In your screenshot it seems you have the correct Tidal v 2.0 plugin checked though. You could uncheck it , restart your server, then try reinstall the Tidal 2.0 plugin and restart the server again. Possible you need to login with your Tidal credentials one time. If Tidal does work now, do uncheck Update plugins automatically at the bottom of the plugin page until further notice.

Same for everyone, we will be moving to the 8.4 version


Hi Mark,

Thank you for the update.
Strange that it happened suddenly when everything was stable and working.

Do you have a schedule to launch the new version to be able to enjoy again our Tidal subscription?

Thank you.


is it possible to roll back 5.0 to 4.4?

since the 5.0 update, i can not access the server on the network to view music folders (through finder or explorer) music is available through the webpage view and all music plays via roon.

just can not see it from a mac finder window

anyone else having this issue?

Not a problem for me. You should set up a support call as this should work in AMS 5.

Sounds like a MAC security setting, if the Antipodes device is on the network, plays music, there isn’t anything on an Antipodes that’s stops access.

its the same on my pc laptop too?

I also have a Mac (two actually) & like Kennyb123 I’ve also not experienced any problems. You’ve probably already got it covered, but it’s at least worth mentioning that on some installations the IP address of the server will have changed.

Can you ping on server ip?
Maybe restart the router.

have restarted the router, modem a number of times, no luck. I have been having a few testing times post ams5 update.

I have now turned off the k41, unplugged the ethernet and had a full power down.

powered back up and the k41 is appearing on the pc and mac.

fingers crossed


I just noticed an update icon for squeeze today, and looks like the Tidal plugin works. I don’t use it so don’t really care, but was curious after reading your post and tried to install it, and like you, I could not. Now I can. Note that the plugin is now v1.0.0, and not v0.9.0. See if you have a suggestion to update/restart on the top right 3 dots.

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For the benefit of those non-technical here (me!) - where exactly did you see that and what did you have to do to get an update icon.