TIDAL Plug-In Now Available for Squeeze

See below for adding back in Tidal if required


Since today, the Tidal app doesn’t appear anymore on squeeze.

When I go to server settings, I see that since today the tidal plugin checkbox is unmarked with the info that the plug-in is no more compatible with the software version what is somehow very strange since the software hasn’t changed since yesterday and is still the AMS v5.0…
I rechecked the box and restarted the server…but still nothing…I restart fiscally several times my Antipodes and the situation remains the same: no more tidal app…

Does it happen to someone else?
Have you been able to fix it?
Any idea about what happened?

Thank you.


Today I experienced the same problem.
I restarted LMS and both Material skin and the new Tidal plugin were upgraded and now the same message appears. I tried using the new tidal plugin with LMS 8.4 on a different computer (not antipodes) and it works so I can only conclude that the message is correct and there is an incompatibility with the older release of LMS and the new Tidal plugin. I have had to revert to using MCONNECT for now.

Yes, mentioned this in another thread.
LMS needs to be on 8.4 for TIDAL plugin to work.
Antipodes will be updating LMS to 8.4 when the AMSv5 update is ready for release.

I’ve been running lms 8.4 on a separate computer while waiting for the antipodes update. I can report that Tidal (new offline version) , Qobuz and hi rez(768) without C-3PO are all working fine. My audio memory is not good enough to compare sound. I look forward to moving back to the K30. FWIW, with only roon server loaded there appears to be an uptick in roon playback quality.