Upgrading AMSv3.1

first of all thank you for these wonderful machines that allow us to enjoy music and these benefits! After a DX, then a CX + EX + P1 + P2 set, I now use a K50 and an S30. I was able to appreciate the successive improvements of your devices.

My question: what is the procedure to be followed to allow the update from AMSv3.0 to 3.1?

Have a good day

B Vivien

Hi there bvivien, we will be pushing out the updates to existing K and S owners, there will be a notification in myantipodes asking to upgrade, this will be a multi-reboot upgrade so patience will be required :)

Hi Mark,

What is the software upgrade process for CX/EX owners?

Also some general feedback about the forum:

- It is very difficult to read (tiny light grey font on white background)

- it is very slow to refresh pages.


Hi there andrewd, if getting an upgrade the process will be completed here, it is an easier task than pushing it out over the air. All other owners will get their update over the air in early August. This assumes that all CX/EX owners have the 2019 software update, that is being able to see their servers on antipodes.audio/myantipodes/

Ok thanks. Please confirm that the software upgrade will preserve my license for HQ Player.

Hi andrewd, as the software upgrade is significant, it is likely that you will need to go thru the process with Jussi from Signalyst to re-instate your license

Just enquiring on the 3.1 update, any news ?

Hi there Clive, NZ is currently in a Level 4 Covid lockdown, everything is having to be pushed out. Very hard to actually say TBH, anticipate before the end of September, however will post updates if anything changes.

I know it is probably asked every week but any update or “best guess” estimate for 3.1?


Please check this thread out.
It is incoming.

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@MarkCole Just checking to see how the 3.1 roll out is going and whether there is a target date for Antipodes to start bearing in mind it is Thursday now and it might be beneficial for such a big roll out to happen away from a weekend so there can be Antipodes technical support and back up available for owners doing the update?


@NickBacon tonight or tomorrow nite timezone depending.


The software upgrade to v3.1 is now live. Leave your music server on and it will receive the upgrade tool at 3.30am tonight or tomorrow night, your time, depending on your location. When you open the GUI or Dashboard from My Antipodes, the upgrade tool will open and you have the choice to begin the upgrade or skip it to do it later.

Updated post here AMS v3.1


Sounds good Mark :+1:

Excellent news Mark. Thanks for the update.

If anyone is especially anxious to start the upgrade process, you can change your time zone to bring 3.30am closer. Best to set it so you are online between 3am and 4am to ensure you get it. Then open the GUI/Dashboard.

If you don’t receive it in that window, drop us a message, but it is definitely happening. You may just have out of date auto-update software, or a network issue.

@antipodes Thanks. It is 6am here now in uk. Nothing arrived at 3.30am ie 2 1/2 hrs ago. Was tge roll out live then?


The following steps worked for me.

I was on CX 2.7 and now on 3.1.

The CX was not visible on myantipodes.

What I did:


-Go to App-Software Manager->Update

A small update executed.

Note: in previous days exeApp-Software Manager->Update and Reboot nothing happened.


-Go to GUI: voila the Upgrade page was visible.

-Executed the three-stage upgrade process as per upgrade page on the site

Now I am on 3.1.

Congrats on getting this live! I just adjusted my time zone to see what happens. It’s now 2:56 AM in the Atlantic time zone. Fingers crossed!

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Hi did you notice any difference in SQ?
I have an S40 and changed timesetting to hopefully get it sooner. :slightly_smiling_face:

As per previous post the upgrade went ok!
Still my CX is not visible on My Antipodes.
If I go to the IP directly I see a page with two buttons Server Dashboard en Player Dashboard. But I am missing the initial page as per v3.1 manual. How can I get there? Going to my antipodes.com shows the server but I do not get the initial page as per manual where I can set the time-zone and reboot / shutdown etc. Is there a local URL I can use? Instead of going via My Antipodes. Index.php does not bring me there.