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Vote to include the Resource Monitor in AMS Dashboard

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Thanks Mark for putting up the poll.

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I agree this is critical, particularly if you are trying to push the boundaries of HQP upsampling.

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Resource monitor allows for easy monitoring of CPU Core temps, CPU utilization and memory utilization. Regardless of operational status.

This is how Euphony © resource monitor looks, I do not know what features Antipodes will include.

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For the current changes I made in my setup and its effect on the flow of music files resource monitor could allow me to keep an eye on the processor. This would have been very useful.

Since we know since a couple months it got enough votes, is it possible to foresee when Antipodes will introduce this feature?

If I understand correctly, resource monitor already is part of current OS but only accessible with exclusive admin access. So to implement it, Antipodes would only need to include it under user access?

Look forward to using this feature soon!

I sincerely hope cpu usage as wel as temperature will be included. Especially because of the passive cooling of the CX that can run quite warm.

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